The Great Resignation’s Reverse Effect on The Recycling Sector

While the great resignation may be the ruin of some sectors, recycling is experiencing the opposite impact–and it starts with the growth of climate tech.

The great resignation is a phenomenon that is significantly impacting industries of all kinds. Worldwide, professionals are leaving their jobs to seek new opportunities–many of which are in the recycling industry. 

As younger generations have increasing concerns about the environment and the need for more efficient ways of managing waste, the recycling industry is seeing rapid growth. While the great resignation may be the ruin of some sectors, recycling is experiencing the opposite impact–and it starts with the growth of climate tech. 

the great resignation boosts recycling jobs

Advancements in Climate Tech

There’s no question that advancements in technology are changing the way that every sector operates–and recycling is no exception. As the private sector takes increasing interest in all things “green,” we’re seeing a significant acceleration in climate solutions and, consequently, the recycling industry. 

As climate tech sees more investments and more growth, the recycling sector is seeing a considerable influx of interested professionals. So, what’s causing this boom in climate tech? While the younger generation’s interest in climate change and environmentally friendly business practices are certainly factors, there’s even more reason beneath the trash can lid. 


Changing Costs

One major reason for the newfound investments in climate tech is the decrease in the price of certain materials. Wind and lithium battery prices have fallen significantly, as have solar prices. As clean energy solutions continue to become more affordable, more businesses are investing in these clean sources. To further this shift, the price of fossil fuels is climbing considerably. As such, businesses looking for cost-effective energy sources have little choice other than to go green. 

If prices weren’t enough of a factor, businesses are facing increasing pressure to meet green initiatives and implement environmentally friendly business practices–so it’s just a bonus that prices are in agreement with these changes. 


Consumer Awareness

Another considerable contributor to the development of climate tech is consumer awareness. Without a doubt, today’s younger generations are heavily influencing businesses (and individuals) to alter their lifestyles and consumption levels to reduce their contribution to climate change. 

One report found that 73% of global consumers are in favor of changing their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact. Businesses and regulators worldwide are noticing this growing passion for the environment and are taking note. As such, companies and entire industries can expect to see more drastic climate policies. 


Migration of Top Talent

Perhaps the most surprising reason for the growth in climate tech is an influx of top talent migrating to the recycling and climate sectors. In the face of the Great Resignation, green companies are witnessing a significant increase in interested professionals–particularly those of younger generations. 

So, why the switch? One primary reason is that young professionals are more interested in and motivated to protect the environment than ever before. Young people recognize the damage done to the environment and want to use their skills, knowledge, and passion to fight against climate change. 

On top of an interest in the environment, these professionals have the skills needed to make a significant impact in this rising industry. Individuals with advanced skills in engineering, software development, business operations, and more are looking to apply their talent to an industry with a purpose. As climate tech has grown more advanced, individuals in STEM and other industries saw an opportunity. 

Finally, the Great Resignation itself helped to spur this migration. COVID-19 drastically changed the working world. As professionals were let go from their jobs and discovered new ways of working, many realized that they wanted to work for a company–and industry–that cared about the world around them. With the opportunity to seek a new path, many professionals took it and sought a greener future. 

As top talent and technological advancement continue to move towards “greener” pastures, we can expect major growth in the recycling sector in the near future. With the right capital investment and human talent, the future of climate solutions is looking bright. 


Job Opportunities in the Recycling Industry

For individuals considering transitioning to the recycling industry, you’re in luck. Companies in the recycling sector are seeking top-tier talent to drive their initiatives and expand their efforts. Even beyond the demand for interested professionals, a job in this sector allows you to make a direct impact on the causes you care about. A fulfilling and rewarding career, combined with an influx in demand and resources, makes for the perfect opportunity for a talented professional. 

To sweeten the deal, finding a job in the recycling industry has never been easier. Members of the industry can join a platform exclusively designed for professionals and companies in the recycling sector: Recyclesaurus. 

Users can join the platform and browse through vetted roles in the industry, and company, of their choice. Even companies looking to expand their workforce can place a job posting to quickly find candidates interested in their exact offering. Plus, if you’re looking for an even more simplified process, you can use the platform as a match-making tool. Once you fill out a simple form, you’ll be paired with roles (or individuals) that perfectly meet your needs. 

With Recyclesaurus as a tool, companies and individuals can take advantage of the wave sweeping the green industry. 


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