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Our Mission

Recyclesaurus was born from our own struggles to find new, exciting jobs in waste and recycling. As we looked for the "next step" in our own careers, we realized that the roles we were looking for certainly exist--they're just very difficult to find. 

With Recyclesaurus, we focus on curating employment opportunities from cutting-edge companies in the industry. Pair that with the latest industry news and economic trends, and you'll be well prepared to make your next big career move. 


Trash Pros with a Purpose

We've operated facilities, sorted trash, helped on collection trucks, trained robots, sold and marketed waste collection services, negotiated municipal contracts and built financial models for processing equipment. We're obsessed with this incredible industry and the people in it.

Our Values

We've been in your shoes and gotten our hands dirty. We may go on rants from time to time but are always open to hearing other sides of every story. Everyone has their own story, and someone's trash is someone else's treasure. We earnestly want to help save the planet and we're doing our part by bringing and keeping top talent in recycling.


More Than Just a Job Board

Top talent in the industry need a quick dashboard of the hottest trends in the industry. With Recyclesaurus, you'll have the coolest jobs, the latest stock activity and the most comprehensive corporate M&A feed on the internet. Everything we showcase is updated least.

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