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Post your recycling and waste jobs where they will be found.

Hiring managers! How do you find the time to manage agency contracts, onboard new hires, create systems, hunt down openings on colleagues’ calendars for “good interview times,” and ensure everyone is working together in a legally appropriate manner? 

And now you have to fill five new vacancies, too? And your outsourced recruiter just assigned a new project manager to your account and needs to get up-to-speed on what your ‘"rash” company actually does? Yikes. 

We have lived through that, as well. At Recyclesaurus, we provide another tool in your toolkit to get your jobs posted where they can actually be found.

Highly skilled talent can be found inside the waste industry

The waste and recycling industry is packed with talent–some of the most creative salespeople, the most resourceful mechanics, and the most passionate sustainability experts are either at your company or within one degree of separation from your team’s network. Combining your team’s network and the proactive outreach of your recruitment team is a great start…now add some automation to your recruitment toolkit. 

Our super niche community provides a one-stop location for all the top jobs in waste and recycling. We automatically pull jobs from many of our company customers, so that means new jobs appear daily. If people are interested in a new position in the industry, they check our site daily.

Highly skilled talent can be found outside of the waste industry

“But Recyclesaurus!” you cry. “We need new blood in this industry!”

Well, the tough news is that the trash industry isn’t the first place folks from major logistics or software companies are going to look for their next role. While your company’s trucks, bins and websites are perfectly clean and optimized with the most catchy and inclusive branding, your competitors’ may not be so up-to-snuff. So you need to have a presence where the most innovative names in the industry currently are. 

At Recyclesaurus, we’ve combined several approaches to ensure we bring top-quality companies into our network. By doing this, job seekers in the industry can see the companies that they didn’t realize overlapped with their prior experience…or maybe roles they didn’t realize they had an interest in. We pique the interest of these candidates by only focusing on our niche industries…but providing filters for all types of roles within recycling and waste. 

Folks from all industries can see jobs in recycling software from companies like Replenysh, to jobs in field operations at leading composters like Atlas Organics. We’ve created the single source on the internet where the best talent who are interested in making the shift into a more meaningful career path can come. Post your jobs where they will be found.

Recruiters are limited in their capabilities

Nothing against recruiters here. In fact, we help companies recruit talent ourselves via our TalentScout network. It’s a needed component of a strong recruitment strategy. But how often is that recruiter switching roles, moving territories, changing jobs–and you are left to pick up the pieces and re-acclimate a new person in that role? How often is their talent pool really getting updated and improved? 

Bringing your roles to an automated job board dedicated to your niche provides an insurance policy against any disruptions or gaps that exist with your recruiting team. It adds that extra safety net to ensure you are checking all boxes and getting your company exposed to talent that might have previously been missed because they exist outside of your combined networks. 

Working from home in the recycling industry

Found yourself at a job fair scrolling your phone because of the empty aisles lately? Wondering how to get in front of more talent online? Today’s recruiting situation is more challenging than ever. With the combination of more talent wanting to work from home, baby boomers exiting the workforce and young talent having aspirations to use their tech-forward skill set…not to mention balancing your other workload responsibilities, executing an all encompassing recruitment campaign can take an army. An army which you likely don’t have! Post your jobs where they will be found. As people work from home, and likely will continue to do so, online job postings on sites where talent will most likely be looking is key. 

Here’s the current lay of the land in terms of online recruiting: huge job sites have too many jobs, the recycling and waste industry publications have too few and LinkedIn’s algorithm is completely thrown off by the various roles posted in our industry. Yet, getting in front of talent when they are actively looking online is the best way to build your talent pool. We’re niche on purpose because we’ve experienced the same challenges in our recruiting efforts.

One place where all waste and recycling related jobs can be found. Updated daily so jobseekers continually come back.

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