Links: Trash on Wall St

Monthly round up of links about stocks and investments in the waste and recycling industry.

Trash collection is a universal and constant need. Balanced with the need to find environmentally responsible solutions for these materials, some good posts for investors seeking some fresh ideas on an old industry. This is not investment advice- our intention is to provide new insights on why this industry is such an attractive market to get involved with- whether through a next career step or investment!

Check back for more stats and opinions on why the trash world is so money.

April 2023

To Dovigi, holding $9 billion in debt in a time of rising interest rates is “not a worry whatsoever.” 

March 2023

Crunchbase talks poop 

February 2023

GFL announces 31.6% Revenue Increase in 2022!!!!

Nasdaq: Dumpster Diving for Stocks and Why its a Good Idea

M&A Strategy: Waste Connections ($WCN) Strategy Under Question

Yahoo Finance: Investing in WM 5 Years Ago Would Have Yielded You...

WM Investor Explainer on Massive Capital Investments




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